Ceremonies ~ 의식과 행사


Dae Yen Sa holds traditional Korean Buddhist celebrations and ceremonies throughout the year. All are invited to attend and participate. To receive regular information and announcements about events and programs please contact us to request to be added to our address book.



5 Precepts
The Five Precepts constitute fundamental moral guidelines for Buddhist lay practitioners. The precepts ceremony is a formal public acknowledgement of one’s commitment to refrain from; taking life, taking things not given, avoiding sexual misconduct, refraining from false speech, and refraining from intoxicants. In South Korea, the ritual, called sugye (수계), involves formally taking refuge in The Triple Gem: the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha, and making a vows to live in accord with the Five Precepts.
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Buddha Birthday
In Korea the birthday of Buddha is celebrated, usually in May, according to the Lunisolar calendar. This day is called 부처님 오신 날 (Bucheonim osin nal) meaning “the day when the Buddha came”. Lotus lanterns cover the entire temple throughout the month. Bathing of Baby Buddha ceremony is held and free meals are offered to all visitors. Learn More…

Cheondo Jae
In Buddhism, after a person dies, the body is separated from earth, water, fire, and air, but the results of karma, which are made by actions of the body, speech and mind, continue. This is called rebirth or reincarnation. After someone dies, his or her consciousness remains in a middle stage between the present life and the next life. At this time, a Guiding Ceremony called Cheon-do-jae is performed to guide the spirits of our ancestors to the Pure Land. In this ceremony, the names of the deceased are written and displayed above the Cheon-Do Jae altar, as well as chanted during the service. Offering of traditional korean foods are made and prayers are offered to purify ancestors’ karma so that they may be reborn in the Pure Land.

It is customary for descendants to offer a Dana or freewill gift. Dana is an important aspect of the Cheondo Jae rite, since the merits gained by this offering are transferred directly to the deceased to help them overcome the Karmic effects of unwholesome deeds. Please contact temple monastery prior to Cheon-Do Jae ceremony at 860-489-3254 to ensure the names of your ancestors are recorded, recited and prayed for. Learn More…

(Ven. Dae San Dae Sa chanting video)

Ceremony to consol, transport deceased souls held at New Hartford Buddhist temple, Hartford Faith & Values